Old factories transformed icamo rubber braceletsnto cultural parks in Beijing

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Tourists enjoy the scenery in Beijing"s 798 Art District, which was converted from an old factory. [Photo/VCG]

More than 60 old factories have been transformed into culture and innovation parks in Beijing"s Chaoyang district, said Liu Haitao, deputy head of the district, on Tuesday during a media tour focusing on the capital"s high-quality development.

"Chaoyang was Beijing"s industrial manufacturing base for electronics, petrochemicals, textiles and automotives. Those factories covered a total area of 3 million square meters," Liu said. "Plenty of space is available for new industries after moving the factories out."

"To better use the space is the key to realizing the capital"s role as the country"s cultural center," he added.

"Culture plus high-tech" is the direction for the old factories" transformation, Liu said. For instance, E9 Zone, an innovation park in Chaoyang, has attracted 80 companies to locate there; half are in the cultural industry and more than 30 are science and technology companies.

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