Macao"s broad money supply increplastic wristbandsases in December 2017

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MACAO -- Macao"s money supply continued to grow in December last year as M1 and M2 grew 13.7 percent and 11.1 percent year-on-year respectively, the special administrative region"s monetary watchdog said on Monday.

The latest report issued by the Monetary Authority of Macao said that currency in circulation and demand deposits grew 1.6 percent and 0.5 percent month-to-month respectively.

The report added that M1 thus increased 0.7 percent from one month earlier, and quasi-monetary liabilities also rose 0.5 percent. The sum of these two items, i.e. M2, increased 0.5 percent to 591.5 billion patacas (about $73.5 billion).

Resident deposits grew 0.5 percent from the preceding month to 576.6 billion patacas (about $71.7 billion) while non-resident deposits rose 1.3 percent to 254.3 billion patacas (about $31.6 billion).

Meanwhile, public sector deposits with the banking sector increased 2.9 percent to 191.8 billion patacas (about $23.8 billion).

At the end of December, the loan-to-deposit ratio for the resident sector rose from 59.4 percent at end-November to 59.7 percent. However, the ratio for both the resident and non-resident sectors edged down from 88.0 percent to 87.6 percent.